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From Deafness to Listening – What is Normal?

From Deafness to Listening – What is Normal?

This short film is about Gwen, a young deaf woman who undergoes an experimental medical procedure to cure her of her deafness and give her the ability to hear. The story isn’t about medical aspects. What is normal? Who am I and who I will be is the key question which comes up with the drastic decision. It is a story about friends, culture, and identity.

This is Normal is the title of the short film and is also available as download.

Is it worth giving up who you’ve BEEN for the ‘maybe’ you could BECOME?

Written/Directed By: Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh
Ryann Turner (Weeds, Up All Night, Outpost)
Russell Harvard (There Will Be Blood, Fargo)
Molly Burnett (Daytime Emmy-nominee, Days Of Our Lives, True Blood)

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