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Dear America

Dear America


Almost everybody have a very strong opinion about the USA and their citizins. So do I and not always possitive. A few posts ago for example I asked why Americans react so oppresive about nudity in advertising.

Now there is a great new initiave: Blog to America.

“Blog to America was created by four Americans in order to provide a place where foreign perspectives on the United States could be voiced and heard by normal, everyday people across the globe. As the U.S. is such a large and geographically isolated country, it can be easy for us Americans to overlook global issues and occupy ourselves with matters pertaining entirely within our borders. Thus, Blog to America was created to serve two roles. First, to provide an opportunity for Americans to increase their global awareness by reading views and perspectives from the international community. Second, to allow individuals from around the world to voice their opinions on American policies, culture, current events, or anything else that pertains to America. Readers can also respond to these views and engage in an international dialogue. In this increasingly smaller and connected world, the Blog to America team hopes that this site will bring people and ideas together for a positive change in attitudes and minds of people across the globe.”

Your letters are the most important part of this blog. So, submit a letter today, and have your voice be heard around the world!

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