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Dear John

Dear John


These ads for Prajwala, an Indian anti-trafficking organization “which believes in preventing women and children from entering prostitution”, hit the viewer with harsh headlines and even more brutal art direction. But they pack their biggest punch in the campaign tagline: “A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her”.

In 2007, India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development reported the presence of 2.8 million sex workers in India, with 35.47 percent of them entering the trade before the age of 18 years. But according to Wikipedia,  Human Rights Watch puts the “real” number at more like 15 million.

These ads, with their focus on exploitation, slavery, disease and violence, put the blame squarely on the consumer of the sex trade. The idea that a prostitute is “made” by being bought, not by being for sale, is a fairly polarizing one to be sure. And it may not have an effect on the men who actually pay for sex. But perhaps this campain is more about getting everyone else talking about a social problem that is all too frequently hidden away.




Creative Director: Jeevan Sebastian
Art Director: Deepak P.
Copywriter: Shikha Gupta

Bushtail, Bangalore, India
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