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Dear Motorist, I’m a Cyclist

Dear Motorist, I’m a Cyclist

ENDEVR: Dear Motorist, I’m a Cyclist

ENDEVR, known from the MyID medical bracelet, has launched their Dear Motorist campaign last year. The aim is promoting cycling safety and driver awareness. In the last 10 years in America, 7,000 cyclists have lost their lives in motorist accidents. That’s why.
It contains a short film with stories and a campaign website where motorists and cyclist have the possibility to share their experiences and to take this pledge:
“I pledge to be more aware of my surroundings on the road. Beginning right now, I will do my part to help put an end to cyclist fatalities by committing to drive and cycle as responsibly as I can.”

Josh Taylor, ENDEVR, VP of Marketing, came up with the idea when he was almost hit by a car whilst running and spends a lot of time training alone, especially on long distance trail runs and mountain biking he said to PEZ cycling news.
“I live an extremely active lifestyle and I realized that some of my training friends don’t even have my wife’s contact details. I know that when I am on my motorbike or cycling, it’s more a matter of “when I get hit” not “if”. ”


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