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Denver Water: keep our rivers flowing

Denver Water: keep our rivers flowing

I posted some work before from this brilliant Denver Water campaign made by Sukle Advertising + Design. The people of The Denver Egotist send me some new material and I must say I love it,
The campaign titled ‘Our Use Only What You Need’ was successful. Denver Water had a goal of lowering water use 21% in 10 years, and in just two years it was already 20%. This year Sukle spent some time re-emphasizing the base idea of using only what you need (i.e. don’t waste).

The video above shows a conveyor belt with shots of a river, so as the food/conveyor runs it appears to be the river flowing by. The dividers between orders say “Keep our rivers flowing”. Use only what you need.

Read on for more items of this campaign.

Besides all the ambient and guerilla campaign items there is a dedicated website:

“Our customers are a vital part of the campaign,” said Trina McGuire-Collier, manager of community relations for Denver Water. “It’s about changing habits and becoming socially-conscious water-users and spreading the word. The fact that customers are using water wisely during the hottest temperatures shows that they are getting on the bandwagon.”

Do you want to see more? Browse the Sukle blog for more. The people of The Denver Egotist also did a interview with Mike Sukle.

Video: stop running toilets. Was seen at various sports events.


Video: drunk flowers




The barrel structures are placed around the town of Denver and say things like “Gone, history, adios, sayonara, kaput.




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