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Denver’s Road Home: How do you view homelessness?

Denver’s Road Home: How do you view homelessness?

Did you know that in Denver (USA):
60% of the homeless are people in families with children.
29% of homeless respondents in Denver are women
40% of the homeless are working
The most commonly reported reasons for homelessness reported in Denver are loss of a job (28%), housing costs (23%) and the breakup of a family (20%).

Recent studies estimate that the people of Denver give more than $4 million a year to panhandlers. And the truth is many panhandlers aren’t homeless and most of the homeless don’t panhandle.

These facts are the starting-point for the new campaign based on a bold plan of Denver’s Road Home: End homelessness by 2015.

The new dedicated web site – – encourages residents to learn more about the 10-year plan to end homelessness and help spread the word. The centerpiece of the digital campaign is a short video addressing some of the stereotypes of homelessness.
The community-focused site also features an enhanced fundraising tool encouraging a donation in exchange for stickers and decals that allow contributors to demonstrate their support for the initiative and help spread the word about Denver’s Road Home.
In addition, Web site visitors can post their thoughts on homelessness on the message board, which is then automatically fed through the Denver’s Road Home Twitter feed to all of the organization’s Twitter followers.

Agencies involved:
Website/ video/ marketing: rabble+rouser
Public Relations: Schenkein

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