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Design Rebels: Young Richmond

Design Rebels: Young Richmond


Students in Design Rebels, my socially conscious graphic design course in the Graphic Design department of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, are asked to create community projects that reach beyond the school walls and deal with the issues that we’ve discussed in class. Each student proposes a project and the class decides as a whole which one(s) to work on.

This semester half of the students have decided to work on a project about getting young people involved in local politics. They call it Young Richmond. They not only want to encourage voting in the upcoming presidential election, they also want people to know more about all of the candidates and proposals on the ballots and to stay involved once the election is over.


As part of the project they are producing a series of non-partisan zines to educate the public on the candidates and issues. You can read the first issue online HERE.

They’re also producing a series of posters that they are distributing in the second issue of the zine this week.

The project can be followed on FacebookTumblr, and Twitter.

See more posters after the break…


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