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Detox Power with Instagram

Detox Power with Instagram

The comments on YouTube about this new Greenpeace video are very diverse. That’s happening to Greenpeace more often but now it is about the quality of the video, not about the cause.
Greenpeace isn’t know for filmography highlights but this video sticks in my head immediately.
It is Inspired by the work of viral hit-makers the Gregory Brothers.

The video launched today is a follow-up of their Detox campaign we wrote about before. The launch today is to mark the 50th anniversary of World Consumer Rights Day.
It is also the start of a people-powered instagram competition which gives consumers the chance to star in the next campaign commercial.
Until now the campaign has convinced global giants such as Nike and Adidas to commit to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in their production processes and products.

Tommy Crawford, Communications Manager at Greenpeace International: “Consumers are the single most powerful force changing corporate behavior today. Time and time again we have seen brands giving in to consumer demands when the voices online and on the shop floor get loud enough.”


The Instagram competition is easy to join. All you need is a plain t-shirt and Instagram (the popular free photo sharing app for iPhone).
Put on your t-shirt, Type “#detox #peoplepower” and the name of your favourite clothing brand into the Caption before you post the image.
Greenpeace is doing this because all the big clothing brands monitor social media, especially what’s being said about them.


We’re going to make a video with your photos, using your t-shirts as a canvas for Detox campaign images and text. #PeoplePower has already convinced six brands to #Detox but we now need to make sure that these brands live up to their promises and that all other major clothing brands step up and champion a toxic free future.

Great idea to use the power of consumers and social media. The downside is that this competition don’t make any difference between responsible and irresponsible brands.



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