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Devolution – Not all have evolved

Devolution – Not all have evolved


Prijatelji životinja (AFC – Animal friends Croatia) and Bruketa & Zinic, Agency from Zagreb, Croatia opened with intriguing poster this year’s campaign “For Croatia Without Fur”.

To show together that is fur nothing to do with fashion, advertising agency Bruketa & Zinic designed with the Animal friends Croatia the poster “Not All have evolved”. Jumbo and city-light posters with a clear message about the unacceptability of ethical and ecological fur will be found in Zagreb and other Croatian cities.

“Wearing fur was necessary for our survival during the Stone Age. But those times are long behind us, and since then we have greatly progressed as a civilization. This does not prevent certain individuals from continuing to wear fur as a means of fashion expression. It is time to evolve and leave fur their owners – animals, “said Tonci Klaric from advertising agency, Bruketa & Zinic.

Every year over 75 million animals suffer and die because of the fur trade. The largest number of animals raised on fur farms, where they are get killed, after a life spent in a tiny, filthy cages, by gassing, electrocution, strangulation, poisoning, neck-breaking, or pushing the red hot iron rods into their anus. Animals trapped in nature freeze or burn from the heat, helplessly exposed to predators. Those that survive are stomped, strangled, drowned to avoid staining their fur with the blood.

From growers and suppliers to the final customer, all equally are responsible for the suffering and killing of animals.

Today, there are plenty of quality, environmentally and economically friendly materials that are not animal skins and furs. Killing animals for clothing and luxury is shameful and unjustified. Modern can be only if we are humane and compassionate, and fur animals were killed nothing but suffering and death. All the more eminent Croatian and international fashion designers rejected fur from its collections, to encourage awareness that fur does not belong to fashion 21st century.

The original print ad “Nismo svi evoluirali”:


Prijatelji životinja (AFC – Animal friends Croatia)
Bruketa&Zinic OM
Additional credits:
Copywriter: Tonci Klaric
Art Director, Designer: Mislav Vidovic
Illustrator: Tomislav Tomic
Account Manager: Helena Rosandic

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