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Diabetes Is No Picnic

Diabetes Is No Picnic

Looks familiar? Yes it can make you blind.
This is a web-only PSA designed to catch parents off guard and let them know about the devastating consequences of diabetes and encourage them to find out the steps they can take to help prevent it.
The campaign running during November, which is American Diabetes Month, also contains a website Diabetes Is No Picnic.
“In the USA every 30 seconds a leg is lost due to diabetes.”

“Everyone is aware of diabetes, but few people understand how devastating the disease can be,” explains Serve Founder, Gary Mueller on why his organization took such a provocative approach in their communications on this issue. “We believe people need a wake-up call on this issue. If we want people to change their unhealthy behaviors, they need to see this disease in a different light. We need to make people uncomfortable with their inaction. Focusing on educating people about the devastating consequences of diabetes is the best way to do that.”

Serve Marketing
Additional credits:
Creative director: Gary Mueller
Art Director: Rich Kohnke
Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen
Director: Bob Purman
Producer: Terri Burmester
Editor: John Elemendof, Wonder Wonder
Music/sound: Peter Batchelder, Independent Studios
Production company: True North

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