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Dictators wish Journalists a “Happy Press Freedom Day”

Dictators wish Journalists a “Happy Press Freedom Day”

Reporters without Borders have made my day. Well they have made many journalists day. They have put in pictures what corrupt, autocratic and authoritarian regimes, policies and laws do to journalists everyday.
Dictators wish Journalists a “Happy Press Freedom Day”

According to Reporters Without Borders, so far this year

19 Journalists have been killed
9 Netizens and Citizen Journalists have been killed
174 Journalists imprisoned
162 Netizens imprisoned

Biggest free media haters this year?
And the prize again goes to ….. Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea.  Followed by some other oldies but goodies… Syria, Somalia, Iran, China and Vietnam…..

While perhaps not all the dictators governing the countries above could attend the Reporters without Borders photo shoot, as many probably were busy killing their citizens and suppressing free press… the campaign manage to capture the essence of what most are saying to their journalists and citizens.  (and thanks to Photoshop we can all know too).

Reporters Without Borders

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