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Dirty Harry’s war on drugs

Dirty Harry’s war on drugs


Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?

Back in 1987, Clint Eastwood joined the Reagan administration’s “War on Drugs,” appearing in a series of cinema PSAs funded by the Motion Pictures Association of America. The ads were shot by the now-defunct Weintraub Entertainment Group, the production company responsible for My Stepmother Is an Alien.

As America’s first “Hollywood” President, Ronald Reagan attracted celebrity power to government-endorsed campaigns. In this cinema PSA, Mr. Eastwood channels his Dirty Harry character, which was being resurrected for the last instalment in the franchise, The Dead Pool. (With a historically notable appearance by a young Jim Carrey fronting Guns and Roses.)

Crack cocaine was a huge social panic in the 1980s, with public health authorities. (It’s still a problem, but the “epidemic” ended in the ‘90s as crime rates fell overall.)

After the break, see Clint Eastwood joined by Nancy Reagan, the First Lady of “Just Say No” to drugs.

See the rest of the campaign here.

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