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Dirty little secret #worldwaterday

Dirty little secret #worldwaterday

This is a new step from Greenpeace on their Detox campaign I wrote before here and here. This ambient campaign is designed to mark World Water Day.
Greenpeace activists and volunteers plastered cities around the world with posters covered with a special non-toxic ink that was washed away to reveal the fashion industry’s dirty little secret.
The posters were put up in shopping centres, by rivers and in other guerilla locations in cities including Stockholm, Bangkok, Madrid and Jakarta.

Consumers were then encouraged to take part in washing away the environmentally-friendly, water soluble paint to help raise awareness amongst shoppers and passers-by about the polluting practices of big brands including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and G-Star, with the dripping paint designed to mimic the hazardous chemicals used by the suppliers of these brands.


A little criticism: I received the press release today from Greenpeace about this campaign. They mentioned the Flickr page with available web images. The strange thing is that it is impossible to download them: “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos”.
Huh? That is a strange decision. Or is ignorance?
As Osocio blogger Monica replied on my complaint on Facebook: “isn’t their objective to get as many people involved in their cause?”

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