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Disabled People South Africa: Make South Africa accessible to all

Disabled People South Africa: Make South Africa accessible to all

Not the most spectacular psa, but what a sweet lady as the main character. It’s Christabella Zenzile, working at the finance department of Disabled People South Africa. She knows what she is talking about and I’m really touched by her positive approach. And her lovely voice. She takes this video to the highest level.

As Let It Rain Films’ producer Sam Kelly says: “Making this PSA was a very humbling experience for us. We often use the metaphor ‘to walk in someone else’s shoes.’ Well this very brave lady, Christabella Zenzile, cannot walk – she is in a wheelchair – but spending a few days with her made us count our blessings tenfold and get the smallest taste of what living with a disability is all about. There is just so much we don’t know about and so much we all need to bring into our awareness to make South Africa more accessible to all.”

Forget everything you’ve learned about marketing. Just remember one thing: it’s the human factor what counts. Great work!


Disabled People South Africa
Additional credits:
Agency Producer: Kamilla Nurock
Creative Director: Mike Wood
Art Director: Justin Enderstein
Copy Writer: CuanCronwright
Production Company: Let it Rain Films
Producer: Sam Kelly
Director: Lee Doig
Production Manager: Justine Solomon
Artist: Christabella Zenzile
Post production: Searle Street Post

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