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Disembodied private parts preach consent

Disembodied private parts preach consent

In a campaign that reminds me of Sweden’s singing genitals for kids, the North America’s Project Consent uses cute animations of body parts to deliver an important social message.

In this case, however, the target audience is older. And the message isn’t about simple birds and bees; it’s trying to end rape culture on college campuses.

In the video, a vulva, a penis, a breast, buttocks, and a hand appear as innocent characters. Until one of them crosses the line, and the other says “no.”

It’s a little weird, but then weird can get people talking. And consent is all about youth having a healthy conversation before having sex.

Sara Li, founder and head of Project Consent, is a student at the University of Kansas. She told Huffington Post Canada, “My overall goal was to raise awareness about sexual assault in a way that’ll spark effective conversation and action. I wanted to educate people about the prevalence of rape culture and I wanted to do it in a way that’ll allow people to engage with us thoughtfully.”

The campaign also includes a Twitter component.

Its explicitness and awkwardness might just work. The campaign was created by Juniper Park\TBWA in Toronto. Juniper Park’s CTO Terry Drummond told that the explicitness was inspired by the need to demystify consent. “As we did our research we discovered that the issue [of consent] is always treated as a complicated one, he explains. “But it is actually very simple.”

“If it’s not yes, it’s no.”


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