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Distance – End Violence Against Children

Distance – End Violence Against Children

Distance . The "End Violence against Children" campaign

There is difference between being a strict parent and being abusive parent. Authoritarian is not the same as authoritative. Authoritarian parents are controlling and not warm. They are cold. They are often abusive.
Their Child is not seen and not heard.

This campaign (UNICEF, Thailand) shows how the child sees her abusive parents.

As real parents they are not existent.

She suffers in silence.

It is heartbreaking.

The “End Violence against Children” campaign, launched by United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the Social Development and Human Security Ministry, urges parents, guardians, teachers and ordinary people to change their attitude and stop all forms of violence against youngsters.
Bijaya Rajbhandari, Unicef Thailand’s representative, said: “Violence against children continues because it is often accepted by adults and the children as part of life. Violence against children is a serious problem in our society. It doesn’t only harm the well-being of children, but it also undermines the productivity and prosperity of the country as a whole.”
Violence affects children’s physical and mental health in many ways.
Those who have suffered from violence have an increased risk of mental health disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide, he said. Source: AsiaOne


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