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Do as penguins do, use body warmth

Do as penguins do, use body warmth

Hilarious video from the British environmental community Do The Green Thing.
Heating consumes more energy than anything else in our homes. Do The Green Thing ask us to turn heating down a bit or off for a bit, put on a jumper or a person and use some body warmth. Penguins have used body warmth to combat the cold for centuries, as this exclusive documentary will reveal…

A more realistic approach to using body warmth shows the video below. Real life couple Angeliki Chatzi and Konstantinos Dagritzikos opt for hugging over heating.

Pinguin video: Written by John Kelly and Jesper Varlen of Play. Direction by Irresistible. Music by Michael Mertens. Mixing by Iain Grant. Narration by Daniel Lapaine.

Hugging video: Written and directed by Superhero with the help of photographer Richie Hopson.

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Do The Green Thing

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