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Do not look away. Do not ignore

Do not look away. Do not ignore


Our Turkish blog friend Firat from started a new blog about the nominees of Crystal Apple Advertising Awards: Kristal Elma Adayları 2008. This award will be held at June 26th in Turkey. One of the nominations is this campaign from Umut Çocukları Derneği (Children of Hope).
Umut Çocukları works to re-integrate children who live on the street with their families and society.

Copy of the ad above: “Do not look away. Do not ignore.
Every day in Turkey, thousands of children living on the streets, become the street itself in order to survive. They become as dangerous as the streets, as lonely and without any exit… Do not ignore them because your support is crucial.”

Yusuf Kulca, Director of Umut Çocukları, grew up in an orphanage. Having spent the first three years of adulthood living on the streets, he trained in child education and subsequently worked as a journalist before establishing Umut Çocukları in 1992.

Yusuf Kulca: “It is not surprising that numbers of street children in Turkey are reaching such high levels when available statistics show that roughly 15 million families live on the poverty line and 9 million children live with families who are at risk. These factors, coupled with a general weakening of the family unit and the concurrent increase in divorce rates are directly linked to the rising numbers of children on the streets.”
Read more about the work of Yusuf at the Turkish Unicef website.

Copy of the ad below: “Throw your money on the streets.
In Turkey, thousands of children live on the streets. And face many obstacles just to survive. Throwing your money on the streets for these kids who are deprived of fullfilling their vital needs might actually mean much more than you think.”

Thanks Firat for translating.


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Kristal Elma Adayları 2008

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