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Do you remember your first time?

Do you remember your first time?

This video is part of the new campaign from Save the Children UK and it is about family planning.
200 million women around the world have no access to contraception, most of them in the third world. Save the Children is campaigning about this subject with a well-known and smart strategy: the comparison.

They use interviews with women living in the UK. The women who have the choice, the freedom of self-determination.
Save the Children: “All women should have these same choices and the power to plan their families. With education, empowerment and access to contraception, we can save the lives of 3 million children and 200,000 mothers.”

The campaign is a prelude to the Family Planning Summit in London on 11 July.
They want want world leaders to agree to the following commitments:
– Access to contraception: all women, everywhere, must be able to access safe and reliable contraception.
– Empowerment: women everywhere must have the power to plan their families; they must have rights and protection enshrined in law. This must include equal access to education, including sex education, to ensure contraception is used effectively.


Save the children UK

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