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Do you think holding your breath for 45 seconds is hard? Try 17 years.

Do you think holding your breath for 45 seconds is hard? Try 17 years.

Save the Children Norway recently launched a campaign called Jeg er her (I’m here) aimed at creating awareness and discussion about sexually abuse of children. About the fact that victims hold in their experience for 17 years on average. Save the Children wanted to demonstrate the urgency and anxiety of how it feels to hold in something for too long, and the desperate need for relief. The solution was to film kids holding their breath underwater for as long as they possibly could. The resulting films are unsettling to watch, but were effective in stirring the much needed discussion.

The message communicated was that when everyone speaks up about the problem, the victims know that they are not alone – and are more likely to speak up for themselves sooner.
The campaign was featured on television, and in social media.

Agency: Anti
Associate Creative Director: Jason Kinsella
Senior Creative: Espen Lie Andersen
Creative: Emil Hafslund
Creative: Sondre Røe
Director of Photography: Pål Mokkelbost Laukli
Make Up: Trude Mokkelbost Laukli
Project Manager: Kenneth Pedersen (CEO) / Tine Moe
Producer: Rolf Pedersen
UV Camera: Amund Lie
Grading: Flambert
Editor: Oystein Dyb at Bacon

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