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Do you want to play the main role? And get HIV?

Do you want to play the main role? And get HIV?

Agency TBWAItalia arranged a street casting to find actors for the new docu-film of a famous italian director, Luca Lucini: Per Tutta la Vita (For the rest of your life). They cast people from the street asking them to get AIDS to give the movie a true imprint. Actually there isn’t any movie. Their reactions became the campaign during the international day dedicated to fight against AIDS.

“If people had the choice, no one would get AIDS.”

All casting are on the YouTube channel.



Additional credits:
Executive Creative Directors: Francesco Guerrera, Nicola Lampugnani
Creative Director: Hugo Gallardo Dominguez
Art Director: Moreno De Turco, Luciano Marchetti
Copywriter: Stefano Cucinotta, Mirco Pagano
Creative Director Digital: Michele La Fiandra
Senior Digital Creative: Luca Sala
Project Manager Digital: Sara Novellino
Front End Developer: Nicoletta Piccinini, Chiara Villotta
Production Company: The Family Kids
Director: Valentina Be°
Executive Producer: Roberta Gigi

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