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Does Farting Socially Make it Okay?

Does Farting Socially Make it Okay?


Tom wrote 2 years ago: Fart jokes are the oldest form of humour known to man.
And it is used in social advertising a couple of times.

Like in this new ad from the Canada’s Ministry of Health: Quit The Denial.

It’s about social smoking. Those two words are often used as an excuse to smoke, to be justified. Social smoking is smoking. Doing it social is worse because of the secondhand smoke. Just like social farting.

“Social smoking is as ridiculous as social farting.”

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Hat tip to Jean Julien.


Tom pointed me in the comments to this post from David Gianatasio on Adfreak.
There is another execution. See below.
The campaign is made by BBDO Toronto and directed by the Perlorian Brothers.


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