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Does Louise Delage’s life really look so bad?

Does Louise Delage’s life really look so bad?

Does Louise Delage's life really look so bad?

Do you have friends, or people you just follow, on social media who always seem to have a drink in their hand? Do you ever think they might have a problem?

That was the hope behind this social campaign for Addict Aide by BETC Paris. They created a character, Louise Delage, who appeared on Instagram last summer sharing photos of her life. Being a beautiful and fun-loving young woman, she racked up tens of thousands of followers in a few months. (Aided by “hashtags, bots and a KOL [key opinion leader] strategy,” as BETC President/CD Stéphane Xiberras  told AdFreak.)

A week ago, Addict Aide revealed that it was all about addiction.

How could you not notice that Louise Delage is a functional alcoholic?

Don’t worry, almost nobody did. “We hoped for more followers to take notice of Louise’s behavior,”Stéphane Xiberras told AdFreak. “There were a few people who sensed the trap—a journalist among others, of course—but in the end, the majority just saw a pretty young girl of her time and not at all a kind of lonely girl, who is actually not at all that happy and with a serious alcohol problem.”

But seriously, is Louise’s social media brand that different from many women of her generation? People who post food all the time aren’t necessarily overeaters. And being French, Louise regularly consumes wine while she shows us what a fun life she has. What’s so strange about that?

In the end, the approach was just far too subtle. The reveal earned media and attention, to be sure, but I’m not really sure that the intended message hit home with the target audience. At all.



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