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Does Media Matter for International Development?

Does Media Matter for International Development?

‘Does Media Matter for International Development?’ is a rhetorical question. From encouraging charitable donations and delivering public health messages to promoting democratic participation and state accountability; the media can play a crucial role in development.

How should we respond to the growing importance of the media – including journalism, radio, television, community media and social media – for poverty and inequality? The first step is to acquire an informed and critical understanding of the multiple roles that the media can have in development. That is what the new book entitled ‘Media and Development’ by Martin Scott is about.

In the video below, the questions are asked. There are no easy solutions. Nevertheless Martin Scott tries to give the answers.

The book is available from 8 May 2014 at Amazon.

The video was produced by David Girling who blogs regularly about social media and international development. Both Martin and David teach on a Masters course (and a forthcoming undergraduate degree) on Media and International Development at the University of East Anglia.

Created by Sarah Menard
Directed by Jason Toal
Narrated by Diana Gonzalez Botero.

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