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Doesn’t AIDS concern you?

Doesn’t AIDS concern you?


New Aids campaign from France. It’s from Act Up Paris.
Act Up-Paris launches its “first general public campaign realized by CLM BBDO, wishing that many media publish it on a purely free basis, like newspaper Libération did on March 30.
“It is the first time that we went ourselves to an agency of communication”, underlines Eric Labbé, of Act Up-Paris “Until now, we conceive ourselves our campaigns and the diffusions by our own networks, primarily in the gay establishments”.

Each day 20 people are contaminated in France. Gay or heterosexual, women or men, they thought that using a condom was a sign of confidence. Now they know that it is the opposite. Only the condom protects from the AIDS.
Act Up intends thus to denounce “the illusion that confidence and sincerity would be effective tools of prevention”.

Copy: Le SIDA ne vous concerne pas?
Doesn’t AIDS concern you?



Act Up Paris

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