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Therapy dogs for refugees: Dogs don’t know intolerance and prejudice

Therapy dogs for refugees: Dogs don’t know intolerance and prejudice

The story in this new campaign video is told through the eyes of a dog. It is a therapy dog from the Brazilian INATAA telling us that he don’t care about what is on tv, what is said in the papers. He don’t mind what the world thinks. What makes him a perfect partner for those who need help.

INATAA (the National Institute for Animal-Assisted Therapy and Actions) is an NGO that takes therapy using dogs into hospitals and nursing homes. They have partnered with the State of São Paulo’s Department of Social Development to create a pilot project called “The Refugee’s Best Friend.” Because Brazil is one of the main destinations in the Americas for asylum seekers. It primarily receives Syrians, Nigerians, Haitians and Angolans.

According to Cristiane Blanco, a psychologist and technical supervisor at INATAA, the therapy dogs help give emotional support to the refugees who are adapting to a new phase of their lives and who, in most cases, have left their friends and families behind in their countries of origin. “Unlike humans, dogs have no prejudices. They don’t make any distinctions based on ethnicity, religion or social class,” says Cristiane.

The video will be shown on TV and online media. The video recreates scenes of conflict and human migration in a way that is universally relatable. The story will center on a child refugee named Ibrahim, who represents the loneliness and isolation of those who are forced to leave their home countries and face a new world. The relationship between the INATAA dog and the boy shows that the absence of prejudice can make the lives of both the boy and other refugees much more tolerable.

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