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Doing politics with a handicap

Doing politics with a handicap


On the way to the March 2008 elections in France Conseil National Handicap started this campaign. The ads shows the Big Three Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin at the Yalta Conference who did their job sitting in a chair. Why can’t handicapped people do the same?

Copy: “L’Histoire a prouvé que les personnes handicapées peuvent faire de la politique. Ouvrons-leurs les listes électorales pour les Municipales.”
“The History proved that handicapped people can do politics. Let them in the election boards for the local elections.”

Conseil National Handicap is the France organisation for helping and creating awareness for handicapped people.
Below the same idea with Franklin Roosevelt.
Thanks to Alex for the tip.


Conseil National Handicap
Young & Rubicam Paris
Additional credits:
Creative directors: The 6
Art Director: Laurence Bellon
Copywriter: Pierre Antoine Dupin

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