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Donate and smell what’s cooking

Donate and smell what’s cooking

There is a link between smell and prostate cancer. It is the fact that dogs can detect cancer through sniffing. And even though this new campaign from Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is about sniffing, it is not about detecting.

Passers of the outdoor ad from PCFA is asked to make a donation of $ 1.99. The reward is the smell of a big aussie barbie. Not very topical on the cause but a fun gimmick. Because smell is something intangible, which stimulates the imagination.

It is the first step in an activation campaign with the name Big Aussie Barbie. It is to raise funds with friends, family or workmates, sharing food on the BBQ, and raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Cricket legend and Big Aussie Barbie ambassador, Matthew Hayden explains:

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