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Donate your past

Donate your past


Three ads from the Brazilian department of the Salvation Army: Exército de Salvação.
They want all your good stuff you don’t need anymore.
Like the fur coat because you are vegetarian now and you fully support PETA. Like in the ad above.

“Donate your past to us.”



Exército de Salvação published also this nice video last week. A very creative changing of clothes.
Fica Fácil Doar: Donating is easy.

Besides the TV spot, the campaign will feature an iPad ad with the same motive, and is supporting the Exército de Salvação Facebook Page.

Exército de Salvação
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Milton Mastrocessario, Guime Davidson, Washington Olivetto
Art Director: Carlos Bertuol (Tche)
Copywriter: Omar Caldas
Illustrator: Zombie Studio
Photographer: Diogo Telles

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