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Donating, the act of heroism

Donating, the act of heroism

The Hero isn’t a new theme in nonprofit advertising. It is self-evident because we need heroes.
That’s the idea behind this new campaign from the Netherlands.

The majority of the Dutch are still like door-to-door fundraising, but it also suffers from a negative image: it is old-fashioned. And the door-to-door fundraiser rings the bell on inconvenient times, mostly at dinner time.

The small effort to donate is a great act for those who need the help. With this campaign Stiching Collecteplan (the Dutch door-to-door fundraising organization) says: donors are heroes, every gift is an act of heroism.

The campaign started today with this online film.

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Stiching Collecteplan
Additional credits:
Agency: TMG Crossmedia Divisie
Production: Telegraaf Video Media
PR: CooPR (Marie Louise van Dorp, Jos Govaart)
Account: René de Groot, Astrid van Vliet, Brigitte van Merkesteijn
Concept: Walter Smetsers, Kasper Dado, Niels Vrijhoeven
Director: Balster van Duijn @Woodwork
Producers: Tim Vloothuis, Melissa Nieveld
D.O.P.: Michael Brooke
Editor: Femke Klein Obbink

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