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Don’t Be Embarrassed, Move Your Balls

Don’t Be Embarrassed, Move Your Balls

Funny video aimed to created awareness about testicular cancer. Self-screening is important, therefore “Move Your Balls”.
As far as I know there is no organization behind this. It is written and directed by Mark Pallis, meant to go viral.

A small complaint Tom wrote about earlier today:
“There’s only one problem, and that’s the “Mo” theme. Movember has a focus on prostate cancer, while the dancers are demonstrating self-screening for testicular cancer.”

Tom is right, but I’m glad to now I have to check my balls. I didn’t know that.

The song “I like to move it” by Reel to Real is used by kind permission of Strictly Rhythm records, Inc.


Additional credits:
Written and Directed by: Mark Pallis
DOP: David Lee
Editor: Cory Augustyn
Runner: Unisa Kamara

Guy: Daniel Millar
Dancer 1: Dan Burns
Dancer 2: Shay Lee
Girl: Sophie Lieven
Girl: Clementine Marlowe-Hunt

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