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Don’t Be So Complicated, Counteracting Climate Change is Easy

Don’t Be So Complicated, Counteracting Climate Change is Easy

The people of The Climate Reality Project don’t understand why the world leaders make such a fuss of COP21 in Paris. Combating climate change is reasonably straightforward as long as you make the right easy and predictable choices. Therefore they came with the which is a petition campaign.

They website, made by agency Mustache, contains over 20 videos from about 24 seconds (a nod to the “24” motif from TCRP’s annual “24 Hours of Reality” event) and most of them are very funny. Whether you think it’s funny depends on you, a little bit of perspective and self-deprecation is needed. The first two in this post (above and first below) are my favourites. All others are included in the playlists.

Agency: Mustache
John Limotte: Executive Producer
Felipe Soares – Director
Adam Lerman – Director
Gavin Bellour – Director
Will Bystrov – Head of Post
Campaign website was produced by Tool of North America

Playlist “For the Love Of…” (A poetic ode to the things we love that could be lost in climate change.)


Playlist “World’s Easiest Decision” (A game show that demonstrates how easy it is to choose a world that isn’t overrun by the trails of climate change.)


Playlist “Good News News” (An irreverent and punchy news segment that shares legitimate good news about green innovations and advocacy to combat climate change.)


Playlist “Kids Explain It” (A charming educational tool that takes debated or confusing ideas and simplifies them so much a kid can–and actually does–explain it.)

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