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Don’t cry for me Patagonia

Don’t cry for me Patagonia


This advert from Greenpeace has been published today at 11A page in Washington Post. It is a protest against the construction of a coal-fuelled power plant in Río Turbio, in the region Santa Cruz.
The ad entitled “Don’t cry for me Patagonia” shows President of Argentina Fernández de Kirchner [Wikipedia] caricatured as Eva Perón.

“A woman with a long term political vision would have not endangered the glaciers and water reserves of Argentina. Mrs. President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: During your visit to the USA, Greenpeace Argentina would like to ask you to consider this. Right now, your government is building a coal power plant in the heart of Patagonia, in the south of the Argentina. This is part of a wider plan to make huge investments in this dirty source of power, one of the biggest causes of global warming.”

“When you go home, why not support the common desire of people all over the world for a greener future. For us, and for all generations.”

More about Coal, Climate and Glaciers in Argentina.


Additional credits:
Creative Direction: Oscar Soria (Greenpeace International)
Art Direction: Gustavo Lo Valvo

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