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Don’t drink & drive, mafia style

Don’t drink & drive, mafia style


Hilarious don’t drink & drive mafia style video from Denmark.
With violence, humor and a good dose of absurdity this campaign targets young boys to make it socially acceptable to say no when friends violate traffic law in the car.

The campaign is from the Danish Rådet for Sikker Trafik (Council for Safe Driving).

Stop spritkørsel dumma jävla idiot!


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Below a short interview in Danish with Jon Schwartz, project manager from the Rådet for Sikker Trafik.

This is taken from the Rådet for Sikker Trafik website:

What is the purpose of film?
Getting young people to speak out against drunk driving. Studies show that many young people have the right attitudes, but difficult to act on them if they, for example, along with friends.

Who is your target group?
Young men between 18-19 years, taking many chances in traffic and are overrepresented in accident statistics.

Why the movie is structured like a gangster universe?
Because it is a genre that young people think is interesting. We find it hard to get into a dialogue with young people and will go far to catch their attention.

Can the violence did not end up taking the focus from the message?
No, our pretest showed that approx. 90% to target audience got the message. Action section would entertain and show that even tough guys should abstain from drinking and driving.

Can small children watch the movie online?
We have chosen to put a “warning” as the opening image on the film to point out that the movie should not be viewed by children under 15. Unfortunately we can not prevent younger from seeing the movie, but have done so, the Danish law requires it to keep as many as possible under 15 from seeing the movie.

Thanks Dennis for the tip.

Rådet for Sikker Trafik
Additional credits:
Directed by Adam Hashemi
DP: Lasse Frank
Production Design: Peter Grant
Costume: Jane Whittaker
Editor: Adam Nielsen / Filip Malasek
Producer: Made in Valby
Post Production: Bacon

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