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Don’t Get Burnt

Don’t Get Burnt


When we blog about cigarettes it is mostly about health. This campaign from Singapore is about the social consequences associated with buying, selling and/or possessing illegal cigarettes.
The campaign Don’t Get Burnt features the use of traditional and new media strategies, on top of a wide range of viral communications tactics and mobile community engagement roadshows.

The icon and the campaign tagline “Don’t Get Burnt” seek to remind members of the public that they can play a role to report illegal cigarettes activities in order not to get “burnt” by the duty-unpaid cigarettes.

Mr. Fong Yong Kian, Director-General of Singapore Customs: “We recognise the importance of public outreach efforts to raise awareness on the illegal cigarette issue to enhance the effectiveness of our enforcement efforts. While we have achieved some success in eradicating illegal cigarettes, having the collective will from the public to say no illegal cigarettes is the long-term sustainable solution to win this fight against illegal cigarettes.”

The campaign, which was launched first in print on Tuesday 28 September, started its run in August 2010. Pre-campaign blitz comprising of several ground activations and viral marketing tactics aim to raise public awareness and create discussion in different media platforms on the iconic burn mark. For example, a truck printed with the burnt mark roving around the island sparked netizens’ discussion on STOMP and in the newspapers.

Anti-illegal cigarettes “ambassadors” hit the streets wearing the iconic burn mark T-shirts on 20 September 2010.

Come 16 October 2010, members of the public will see the transformation of the initial roving truck into a mobile roadshow stage. The truck will be used in a series of mobile community engagement roadshows held island-wide to reiterate the campaign’s key messages. The roadshows will take place at foreign worker dormitories, education institutions, factories, community centres, and the various heartland areas.







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Additional credits:
Creative Director: Hill Tan
Art Director: Marq Wong
Copywriter: Rafiq Lehmann

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