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Don’t let your friendship die on the road

Don’t let your friendship die on the road

This hard-hitting road safety campaign from Transport for London is aimed at young pedestrians, who are in constant danger of injury or death when crossing the city’s infamously busy and confusing streets.

According to the campaign site:

In London, boys aged between 11 and 14 are most at risk of being hit by a vehicle when crossing roads. Children from low income and ethnic minority backgrounds are also particularly vulnerable.

About a quarter of all teenage pedestrian casualties occur on the way to or from school. Young road users can be distracted by:

• Peer group pressure
• Mobile phones
• Personal stereos
• Ball games
• Rollerblading
• Skateboarding

The call-to-action is “Think! Look out for your mates” which translates to my colonial English as “Heads up! Watch each other’s backs!”

It’s strange that pedestrian safety campaigns are so uncommon these days, since they are by far the most vulnerable users of urban streets. Only yesterday, I was almost creamed at a crosswalk by a young woman taking a fast left turn while distracted. Sure, she was in the wrong. But I’m the one who, but for cautious reflexes, almost left a son fatherless.

A couple of print examples (collected from a Google search) below. Please e-mail osocio if you have any better ones.



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