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Don’t let your last words be a text on the road

Don’t let your last words be a text on the road

AdFreak called this a “don’t-text-and-drive short film so depressing, you might willingly end it all halfway through” and “a long, uncomfortable and depressing meditation on suffering”.

A YouTube commenter said, “I am unable to remember ever seeing this sort of production and direction quality on a government-sponsored infomercial, or many commercials in general these days.”

What do you think of this slow build and lingering pathos of this distracted driving PSA?

In my opinion it tries too hard (and for too long) to tell me what to feel. And unlike great campaigns like Embrace Life, which end on positive emotions, this one is just bleak and hopeless.

Yes, he should not have answered that text. But as a pedestrian, I’m more concerned with who he might have run over.

Miami Dade Expressway Authority
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