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Don’t spill oil… and water

Don’t spill oil… and water


We have two big needs these days, oil and water. About water we wrote a lot last months. And in our oil driven world we are learning to reduce the spill of black gold.
Toyota Sweden came with an iPhone app a few weeks ago which combine water and oil. They calculated that if all drivers in Sweden placed a glass of water on their dashboard, and managed to complete their journey without spilling the water, their driving would be gentler and therefore more economical.

The app monitors and registers the volume of water spilled during the journey, so the driver’s challenge is to drive carefully enough to avoid spillage and reduce carbon emmissions.
Results, stats and maps are available at the website, where site users can create challenges for family and friends.

Ulf Winberg, CEO of Toyota Sweden: “The platform for the solution was determined to iPhone because it offers GPS as well as accelerometer, and is one of the market leaders. There are over half a million iPhones on the Swedish market at this time. That gives a wide range of users access and use of the app”.
“Now we want to take the environmental work one step further by transmitting a “mental glass of water”.

Download the app here.



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