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Don’t worry — “The Science of Orgasms” is more info than graphic!

Don’t worry — “The Science of Orgasms” is more info than graphic!


I really love infographic-style videos like this, and have ever since I worked with Lee LeFever’s commoncraft  on “Preparing a Family Emergency Kit in Plain English” for the Government of Canada.

AsapSCIENCE is a YouTube channel that publishes weekly curiosity-quenching videos on the science behind everyday life and pop culture, including “The Scientific Power of Naps” and “The Science of Spider-Man”. It’s like Bill Nye the Science Guy for nerdy grownups.

Their latest video is perhaps their most “adult” — but is also something everyone should be interested in: The Science of Orgasms.

AsapSCIENCE is social as well, and they invite viewers to submit their own questions on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s simple, low-budget, and fun infotainment. Nice work, Mitchell and Gregory!

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