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Dove hires a sketch artist to show women how they see themselves

Dove hires a sketch artist to show women how they see themselves


Dove’s Canadian agency, Ogilvy Toronto, just keeps setting the standard for “virtuous” brand advertising. After pranking Art Directors with a Photoshop Action that undid their work on women’s bodies, and a powerful outdoor installation about girls’ body image, they’ve now hired a forensic sketch artist to show women just how bad their self image is:

Despite the great work, however, we have to remind ourselves that Dove is part of Unilever, owner of Axe body spray and marketer of skin whitening creams in Asia.

You can see more of this campaign at Real Beauty Sketches where, as Adland’s Åsk Wäppling observes, “the comments are quick to point out that these women in the ad are white and skinny.”

[Update: The Jazzy Little Drops Tumblr specifies, “Out of 6:36 minutes of footage, people of color are onscreen for less than 10 seconds.”]

[Update 2, Via Salon: “The only interesting thing Dove has done since it began this campaign to sell soap in 2004 is overtly shift the emphasis from sexual attraction to peer approval. The real take-away is still that women should care whether a stranger thinks she is beautiful. That’s not radical — it’s the thesis of every beauty product ad campaign ever.”]

[Update 3, via Mashable: The campaign has already been parodied with a “male” version.]

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