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Drive the Mobilombo

Drive the Mobilombo


Drive the Mobilombo is a fundraising initiative by the episcopal relief organisation, MISEREOR.
They are collecting donations for Goedgedacht, a farm in South Africa. The ‘Path out of Poverty’ initiative there is giving children and young people the chance to lead better and safer lives thanks to education, regular meals and work. Goedgedacht is mostly financed by growing olives and selling the produce. Every call to Drive the Mobilombo contributes to improving the lives of the children at Goedgedacht.

It is powered by a mobile phone with a vibrating alarm – and by the callers’ donations. Every incoming call donates two euros (minus 21 cent provider costs) and moves the Mobilombo a few centimetres further. In this way it gradually moves towards its goal: the farm in Goedgedacht.

The constantly changing set is located on a seven-metre-long, slightly sloping wooden ramp in a room in the middle of Hamburg’s warehouse district: for every stage covered by the Mobilombo between Aachen and Goedgedacht, the backdrop is drawn by hand, cut out and positioned. Even the webcam filming the Mobilombo is moved manually.


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