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Dunking will be over with a baby

Dunking will be over with a baby


It seems that agency Serve Marketing from MilwaukeeUSA is fully into sports this summer. They showed it with the I want a strong baby campaign a few weeks ago.
Now they did it again but for a different client: Baby Can Wait.
The message: your life will change drastically if you become a teen parent.

The ads depict a high school basketball player and a cheerleader in action, both with baby carriers attached to them and the message “Think your life won’t change with a baby?” The ads also direct teens to, connecting them to information and resources to help prevent pregnancy and promote healthy relationships.

Serve volunteer creative director, Gary Mueller: “We want these ads to make a lasting impact on teens, and by showing them all the things they would miss, we hope they think twice about the hard realities of teen pregnancy. Whether it’s playing basketball, cheerleading or just spending time with friends, when you have a baby as a teen, all of that will be over.”

The ads are strategically placed at bus shelters in areas with high teen pregnancy rates.

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United Way of Greater Milwaukee – Baby Can Wait
Serve Marketing

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