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Romania Gives Britain the Finger

Romania Gives Britain the Finger

Xenophobia is not pretty. Stereotypes are ugly. Social exclusion of migrants and minorities make you look bad.
Sincerely, Romania


Oh Oh… I think Britain did not get the MEMO…its 2013.  Being racist makes you look really bad.  This is what, Mihai Gongu, the creative director at the Romanian advertising agency GMP wants the Brits to know.  He is the genius behind the (Romanian Online News) campaign, a tongue and cheek response to an utterly ill-thought and awkward campaign initiated by the British Government. Perhaps the Brits were concerned in regards to the possibility of a huge influx of new arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria into Great Britain when immigration restrictions are lifted at the end of 2013.  According to Radio Free Europe “the British media is reporting that ministers are considering a negative ad campaign that would dissuade wannabe migrants from heading to the island nation.”
They want Romanians and Bulgarians to not come over – cause its full.

According to Radio Free Europe “Gongu says, ‘it is a bit disconcerting to see yet another piece of news that builds on the idea that Romanians are the No. 1 problem on the agenda. We felt we owe it to the tens of thousands of decent tax-paying Romanians who live in the U.K. and the millions at home to do something about it,” he says.’  And what can Romania offer British tourists? ‘You have the seaside with both posh resorts and a few secluded beaches, a countryside frozen in time, the Carpathians, a capital which mixes art deco with North Korean-style flats and a pretty active night life,’ Gongu says.”

Here are some of the poor tasting ads that have been developed in Britain inorder to disuade Romanians and Bulgarians from emigrating.




Perhaps to thumb his nose, but most likely to give the Brits a finger, Gongu came up with his own campaign to invite Brits over to Romania. Its called “Why Don’t You Come Over?” the campaign features slogans such as “We speak better English than anywhere you’ve been in France” and “Charles bought a house here in 2005.” and “Half of our women look like Kate and the other half like her sister.” Each advertisement has the slogan: “We may not like Britain, but you will love Romania.”  As a Romanian, I am perfectly pleased to see such creativity and humor at some pretty ugly behavior.  A splendidly
wonderful non-violent way to show how ugly and bad hate looks on people.

Check out Gongu’s response ads:







Here is a compilation:



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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