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eFTe: people, thinking, acting and everyday consumer choices

eFTe: people, thinking, acting and everyday consumer choices

Video above: “Save energy for the future / Oszczędzaj energię na przyszłość”

Six gorgeous videos from Poland from eFTe, each one about a different issue, all related to ethical consumption. They were created by young Polish artists on eFTe demand, financed by a grant from the Polish MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in frame of their global education program. Among others, they are shown before the screenings for school kids in frame of a cinema education program, in a number of cinemas all around Poland.

The name “eFTe” was created in relation to Fair Trade, but they do much more that just promote Fair Trade now and the name “efte” started to be a name of its own kind. It’s not an acronym – it’s just the name of the group.
eFTe is a group of people that think and act for ethical consumption. They are not experts, but they try to learn about the consequences of choices as consumers and want to share this knowledge. eFTe is people, thinking, acting and everyday consumer choices.

The videos are very easy to understand because they are purely visual (and great music too).
Only the one right below have a voice over, the narration says:

“When I was a child my family used to celebrate special occasions with a special dessert – chocolate-coated fried bananas. Today my precious memories seem to be losing their glow, as I keep hearing about the struggle of banana farmers in Ecuador or child labour on African plantations.  Did you know that banana producers receive only 2% of the price we pay in the shop, while the importer gets half of the price? Such low income makes it impossible for farmers to support themselves and their families. The same applies to coffee, tea or cocoa.
One of the solutions is the Fairtrade movement, active globally in more than 50 countries. Fairtrade mark, placed on selected certified products, guarantees that the farmers are treated as partners and that they receive Fairtrade minimum price for their products. For each kg of the product sold, the company pays also Fairtrade premium, additional money to support local community, e.g. to build a school or buy new farming equipment.
The Fairtrade Certification Mark guarantees also high environmental standards in the production process. Buying products with the Fairtrade Certification Mark we can contribute everyday to the tangible improvement in the living conditions of the people in the Global South.

Think of others. Buy responsibly


Nothing is disposable. Use it many times / Poużywaj sobie. Raz nie wystarczy:


Your money shapes the world / Kupujesz – decydujesz:


Reduce the distance. Buy local / Zmniejsz dystans. Kupuj lokalne:


Don’t risk, recycle / Nie ryzykuj – segreguj!:


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