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El Tiempo against FARC

El Tiempo against FARC

Last week, on februari 4th, people rallied together to protest against the FARC and in favor of the liberation of the approximately 700 people they’ve kidnapped. The idea for the protest was born less than a month before on the social networking site Facebook. Through this website more than 100,000 people from 165 cities around the world confirmed their participation.

On the day of the march “El Tiempo”, the main Colombian newspaper published a call for action by filling its first page with articles all about the FARC, the terrorism and the kidnapping ‘industry’.

All articles were printed backward. Over them, the only text printed right-side up read “Turning your back on the problem won´t make it go away. Join the march today”.


A great idea with an excellent execution. By putting the main message below the fold they must have surprised/captivated quite a lot of readers and newspaper-shop customers.


In Colombia alone an estimated 4.8 million people joined the protest in 387 different events.

El Tiempo
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