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Embrace life – always wear your seatbelt

Embrace life – always wear your seatbelt

This gorgeous video from the UK is part of a new campaign from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP). The campaign, entitled Embrace Life, tackles the issue on the use/non-use of seat belts in a very different way. Avoiding the use of blood, gore or shock tactics, Embrace Life is provoking an emotional response in all viewers.

Neil Hopkins, Communications Manager, explains: “Embrace Life deals with the non-wearing of seatbelts by both drivers and passengers – which continues to be an issue not only in Sussex, but across the entire United Kingdom and EU, despite many years of high profile campaigning.”

“Sussex Police stop thousands of drivers every year for failing to either not restrain themselves properly, or restrain their passengers properly. In 2008, over 100 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued to drivers who failed to restrain their children properly in the vehicle – and one can only imagine the impact this would have had should those vehicles have been involved in a collision.”

Embrace Life’s Writer/Director Daniel Cox: “It was central to the development of the project that we root the concept of wearing a seat belt firmly in the family domain, and create the advert so that it could be viewed by anyone of any age. Children are so important as opinion formers within their family that we felt it imperative to have a child take a pivotal role in relaying our message.”
“One key aspect to the storytelling is that we developed Embrace Life to be non-language specific, so that the message wouldn’t become lost when viewed by visitors to, or residents of, the UK where English might not be their first language.”

The campaign is also gaining attention through some of its more unorthodox promotional techniques. Working with a prominent graffiti artist has seen sites in Brighton previously littered with unsightly tags turning into large scale public place artworks to support the campaign (see below).

Furthermore, the SSRP team contacted members of the media and creative industries throughout Sussex prior to the launch with thermoreactive postcards. A Facebook Group page is also part of the campaign.

Update: We did an interview with Neil, the communications manager behind this campaign. Read it here.



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