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Emotional advertising done right: “Symmetry” for the Great Daffodil Appeal

Emotional advertising done right: “Symmetry” for the Great Daffodil Appeal



This campaign for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Great Daffodil Appeal was recommended to us by Neil Hopkins at interacter.

It’s a stunning piece of work, showing the circle of life from birth, to fumbling maturity, to aging and death. The “firsts” of birth, love, and shaving are matched with last moments spent in dignity, with the help of Marie Curie nurses:

It’s not easy to be this overwhelmingly emotional and still feel authentic, but this ad nails it. Both ends of the life journey are treated with gentle respect, which anyone who has seen a loved one pass through palliative care can identify with. More than that, it portrays people at the end of life in vital continuity with those vibrant early-life experiences.

A nursing client of mine once told me, “the first and last person who ever touches you is usually a nurse.” I feel pretty touched right now.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

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