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Empower your website to detect human empathy

Empower your website to detect human empathy


The Swedish Civil Rights Defenders launched an new and nifty version of the web tool Captcha. The new Captcha became world news within a week. And it is logical because it is great way to spread a message.
Most of you know Captcha. It is the code question in the comment fields at blogs, mostly accompanied by the text ‘Are you human?’.

To make it more human the Civil Rights Defenders replaced to normal code with questions about human rights.
Like in the example above:
“The punk group Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison after a 41 second long performance in Moscow, Russia. How does that make you feel?”

Natasha Jevtic Esbjörnson, Head of Communications at Civil Rights Defenders: “Ironically, we are asked by computers to prove our humanity by interpreting and decoding words. But what really tells us apart is our ability to express emotions. Therefore, we’ve built a Captcha that lets us prove our humanity by showing empathy, while simultaneously highlighting injustice in the world”.

The idea of using Captcha for other issues isn’t new. It has been done to examine medieval texts.
Civil Rights Defenders use it in their work for defending people’s civil and political rights. With a little imagination and content adaptation it can be used for all kind of causes.

The reactions to Civil Rights Defenders Captcha have been strong, both positive and negative. The critics have primarily questioned Civil Rights Defenders’ right to judge wheather an emotion is “right” or “wrong”.

Natasha Jevtic Esbjörnson: “So far, there has been concerns regarding the wording – is there such a thing as right or wrong emotions, for instance. We understand that it is controversial to talk in terms of right and wrong emotions. However, the issues we raise in the Captcha are not opinions of ours, but documented violations of the International Bill of Human Rights. Everybody may not agree with these, but we and most nations do”.

The Civil Rights Captcha from the Civil Rights Defenders is available for your website too.
Read here how to implement.

Unfortunately the technique of our website is too old to implement this Captcha. Otherwise we would have done it.

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