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Enlighten your world with a book

Enlighten your world with a book


There are a lot of books about the Enlightenment, but none of them actually provide light. Studiomeiboom has combined this idea into a lamp which is in the form of a book. Not a heavy book, a light book. Not a book of absolute truths. It is, however, a book which sets you thinking but which does not tell you what to do. A book which will not only help you in dark days but other people as well.

By purchasing ‘The Enlightenment’ you will be supporting educational projects by a charitable organization called Edukans which will mean a brighter future for many. Ten percent of the purchase price (€ 89,00 excl carriage costs) of The Enlightenment goes to the education projects run by the Edukans Foundation. Because permanent development starts with education.




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