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Equal Pay Day 2010

Equal Pay Day 2010

In 2005 Zij-kant and ABVV Women launched Equal Pay Day in Belgium for the first time. Modeled after an American idea ‘Equal Pay Day’ is a day meant to expose and criticize the wage gap between women and men.
Belgium is often considered to be a well-behaved European disciple because the wage gap between women and men in the country is smaller than that of other European member states. But since the middle of the 1990s they have been going around in circles. Despite a well-developed legislative framework and efforts by the social partners hardly any progress was made in the past years.

Equal Pay Day 2010 was last week, 26th March. This year the target audience are men because they are responsible for a very important part decreasing the wage gap.
In this post this years campaign.

Copy Dutch:
“‘T is behelpen zolang je vrouw 23% te weinig verdient.
Iedereen wordt er beter van als de loonkloof verdwijnt.”

Copy French:
“Tant que votre femme gagnera 23% de moins faudra se débrouiller.
Supprimer l’écart salarial, on a tous à y gagner.”

Copy English:
“Life is rough while your wife earns 23% too little.
Everyone is better off when the wage gap disappears.”

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Same print, French copy:





Additional credits:
Client: Zij-kant, ABVV, FGTB
Contact: Vera Claes, Gitta Vanpeborgh, Audrey Lhoest
Agency: mortierbrigade
CD: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe Deceuster
Client Service Director: Veerle Devos
AD: Koenraad Lefever
Copy: Niels Schreyers
Producer: Charlotte Coddens
Studio: Laurent Lejeune
Production company: Ristretto films
Director + photographer: Kurt Stallaert
Producer: Lies Bronselaer

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